Jolla Mind2 AI Computer

Pre-order your Jolla Mind2 Community Edition AI Computer with a €75 voucher and secure your spot in the limited first batch of only 500 devices. Stay tuned for the second batch opening.

Price €489 for the first limited batch of 500 devices, 30% off from the €699 consumer price.

Jolla Community Phone

Reserve your exclusive Jolla Community Phone with a €50 voucher and get your delivery from the limited batch of 1000 devices.

Price €299.

Support & get a license

Support Sailfish OS development and community activities, and get a commercial license for legacy Sony Xperia™ devices.

Free Trial for supported devices

Trial version of Sailfish OS without Android AppSupport and other commercial components.  Available for supported Sony Xperia™ devices.


We currently sell in European Union, UK, Norway and Switzerland.

Please be welcome to use our software anywhere in the world, however due to our limited resources we can only support the noted regions.