mapbagrag® Flip case Origami

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mapbagrag® Flip case Origami

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This unique Flip case for Jolla is hand-made of paper by mapbagrag® in Austria and the neighbouring countries. It consists of 25% of recycled material, is non-toxic and has a neutral ph-value. The waste of the paper manufacturers is recycled, producing super strong paper that's used to produce the Flip. The special-paper feels like paper and can be recycled up to 100%.

The case is available in two beautiful and aesthetic designs: Code or Origami, both created by Jolla's design team and complementing the pure Finnish design of the Jolla smartphone. Flip case protects your smartphone from dabs, marks, scratches and spots, messy paws and juicy puddles. The case has a snug fit, preventing your Jolla from sliding out. To release your Jolla, just pull the strap.




Tear resistant
Waterproof paper and print
Washed at 30°C
Made in the EU